Patrick Baselier – 30 October 2015
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Ember.js is an excellent JavaScript front-end MVC framework for building ambitious applications driven by an even so excellent community. If you want to get started with Ember, we offer you a free workshop and it’s available now.

Ember workshop updated

About a year ago Jeroen and I finished up our Ember quest by creating a workshop for our colleagues. In the meantime Ember 2 has been released so I thought this is a good reason to upgrade the workshop as well.

The workshop is freely available and it’s totally up to you to decide when to do it and how much time you want to spend on it.

To see what you will build during the workshop, have a look at the live demo.

And since it’s open source, you can even use this workshop as material for teaching others how to build applications with Ember.

What you will learn

The workshop contains 11 lessons that will have you create a fairly simple, but complete CRUD application including:

How do I start?

The workshop is available on GitHub and includes all instructions and sample code you need to get up and running.

So open up your favorite editor and start learning Ember now. Have fun!


Patrick Baselier

I’m a professional Ruby on Rails-, front-end- and unprofessional (that is: not professionally… yet) Ember developer from The Netherlands, I love sharing knowledge and one day I hope to be a more than a novice guitar player.