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Niek Horsmans – 1 November 2018
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Kabisa organised a Serverless Meetup in Eindhoven on October 9th. All the presentations were recorded. You can find them on our Youtube channel.

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We also regularly organize workshops. These workshops are announced via our website or the meetup page. For example, a meetup with the subject Functional programming with Elixir. will take place on November 15th .

Introduction to Serverless - Bart Vollebregt

Bart works at Kabisa as a DevOps Engineer and Software Developer. Recently he worked on an application that runs completely serverless. He has used various Amazon services such as Cognito, API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB.

Serverless Slackbot Livecoding session - Luc van Donkersgoed

Luc is a Cloud Solutions Architect and works at Sentia. During his talk at the Serverless Meetup Eindhoven he did a Livecoding session showing how easy it is to create a Slackbot with Amazon Web Services. Totally serverless of course.

Serverless Smart City Innovation Platform - Rian Wouters

Rian works at Signify (formerly Philips Lightning) and has worked along with his team on the Smart City Innovation Platform. He used many different AWS Services for this. Everything here is proprovisioned with the ‘Infrastructure as Code’ solution AWS Cloudformation. Lambda functions are extensively used in a “Test Driven Development”.

Further information?

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